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About Us.. 

Mddermis is dedicated to the manufacture, sale, and distribution of skin care product and high technology  aesthetic and spa equipment.  We offer the best, facial and body equipment and, the latest laser and light based device to aesthetic medical market. 

Our core is:


  • High Quality Products

  • Continuous Training

  • After Sale Customer Services

  • Great Product Value

MDDERMIS commitment is not limited to the quality of  high performance of  our equipment. To ensure client safety and operator proficiency we also offer a comprehensive training trough our specialist . We want the  operator of any of our advanced device, to feel confident and knowledgeable about the system and the technique. That it is why we don't create just a business-customer relationship with establish a long lasting partnership we all our clients. .

Certification are also available trough our learning center


MDDermis is a private company owned by  HTE Investment LLC  (High Technology Esthetic) located in Miami, Florida USA. We sell nationwide and worldwide. Our strategically location allow us to export and services our clients effectively.